Jeroen Bouwens

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BSc, Engineering Physics, Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Work Experience

2008 - Present, Senior Software Designer, Sioux Embedded Systems

Navigation Software

  • Tech Lead for a team implementing features in the core navigation component
  • Helped establish our site as a viable location for core navigation component development
  • Software Engineer in a team developing a navigation application in Java running on an Android platform
  • De-facto owner of the glue component between the navigation core and the navigation application

Mechanical Ventilator

  • Tech Lead for a team developing the control module of a Mechanical Ventilator, intended to support or control the breathing of patients in ICU and ER settings
  • Made decisions regarding Hardware (SoC, baseboard, touchscreen) and Software architecture (OS, language, toolkits)
  • Developed and documented overall application requirements and design
  • Developed a type-safe, template based Actor/Messaging system in C++
  • Created a C++ code generator in Python that generated classes implementing a CAN bus protocol

Semiconductor Metrology

  • Led the redesign of an existing part of the UI called the Wafer Layout Editor
  • Worked on implementing support for 3D geometries

Optical Sorting

  • Performed extensive refactoring on existing driver code to improve maintainability and extensibility
  • Implemented support for new, custom camera control and capture board
  • Helped the customer improve their use of the Scrum method
  • Integrated a software implementation of an FPGA board to enable testing of machine vision firmware
  • Implemented several image processing algorithms that significantly improved performance and accuracy of image analysis

Security Certificate Infrastructure

  • Tech Lead for a small team developing Client/Server security certificate infrastructure
  • Led a redesign and rewrite of the backend from a monolithic to a distributed application
  • Performed double-duty as Project Lead

2005 - 2007, Software Designer, Atos Origin Technical Automation

Arterial Stiffness Measurement

  • Tech Lead for a team of 6 developers developing software for a Arterial Stiffness measurement device
  • Responsible for technical result and full product development cycle from requirements to final delivery to the customer
  • Gathered and documented user requirements
  • Developed and documented software architecture and design of sub-modules
  • Implemented part of the GUI with a custom look&feel
  • Final product well received by several medical doctors, who particularly praised user-friendliness

CardioVascular X-Ray

  • Maintained and developed features for X-ray machine control GUI
  • Developed dedicated testing interface allowing automatic testing of GUI
  • Implemented a customized menu-bar with a visual style matching the application, something considered prohibitively effort-intensive to achieve by others on the team

2003 - 2005, Software Engineer, Sagantec

  • Wrote plugins for Cadence Integrated Circuit layout design software
  • Maintained layout validation software product, written in C
  • Developed support for Object Specific Constraints, allowing a user to link a constraint to a hierarchical layout.

1999 - 2003, Co-founder and Tech Lead, ZNOW Inc.

  • Created prototype Information Retrieval system which was instrumental in securing several rounds of angel investments
  • Developed full-stack Software of production system, from custom database backend to web frontend
  • Team Lead for a small team rapidly developing customizations for potential customers
  • Performed hiring interviews
  • Co-wrote patent application for proprietary Information Retrieval algorithms